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Practice conversations confidently using pre-trained AIs.
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What is PracticeTalking?

PracticeTalking is an AI-powered conversation platform that allows users to engage in virtual conversations with historical figures, celebrities, and other entities. It offers pre-trained AIs for various scenarios, such as job interviews, college admissions interviews, and conversations with crushes. Users can also create their own AIs to practice specific conversations or discussions. The platform fosters a sense of community by allowing users to share their creations and benefit from the contributions of others. PracticeTalking is designed to help users improve their conversation skills, build confidence, and prepare for important interactions.



⚡Top 5 PracticeTalking Features:

Diverse AI Personalities: Chat with a vast array of pre-trained AI personalities, from celebs to historical icons.
Custom AI Creation: Craft your personalized AI to mimic specific conversations and share with the user community.
Real-world Practice: Prepare for job interviews, college admissions, or personal discussions with specialized practice AIs.
Community Collaboration: Leverage the power of the community to access a wider selection of AI personas and use cases.
Ever-evolving AI: The platform is an ever-evolving space where new AIs are frequently released, not just by the developers but by the user community as well.



⚡Top 5 PracticeTalking Use Cases:

Crush Conversation Simulator: Test out conversation starters to break the ice with your crush in a low-pressure environment.
Celebrity Interviews: Fulfill your curiosity by asking your favorite celebrities any question in a virtual chat.
Historical Dialogues: Dive into deep, thoughtful conversations with AI versions of historical geniuses like Einstein.
Job Interview Rehearsal: Enhance your career prospects by practicing job interviews with industry-specific AI interviewers.
Academic Interview Prep: Increase your chances of admission with thorough preparation for college interviews, like Stanford’s.


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