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What is Raizer?

Raizer is a platform designed to assist startup founders in finding investors for their businesses. The platform offers various tools and resources to streamline the process of connecting with potential investors. Key features include access to a large database of verified and up-to-date investor information, an email AI assistant to help draft pitches, and the ability to request warm introductions to investors. Raizer also provides a fundraising guide and supports social media marketing efforts. Users can choose from different pricing plans depending on their needs, with the Premium plan reportedly increasing the likelihood of securing funding fivefold.



⚡Top 5 Raizer Features:

  1. 55,000+ Investors: Access to a vast network of active investors with deals in the past 12 months.
  2. Verified & Up-to-Date Info: Information on investors is verified and updated regularly, with 70% having emails and 99% having social media contacts.
  3. Warm Intro Requests: Request introductions to investors through the platform, with notifications sent if a community member makes a warm introduction.
  4. One-Click Outreach: Reach out to relevant investors directly from your inbox without needing to copy and paste emails.
  5. AI Email Assistant: Utilize a trained AI model to generate personalized emails, increasing response rates.



⚡Top 5 Raizer Use Cases:

  1. Fundraising Guide: Access comprehensive guides and step-by-step advice on fundraising strategies.
  2. Email AI Assistant: Leverage AI technology to compose effective email outreach messages.
  3. SMM Feature: Promote your startup in front of 800+ investors via email campaigns.
  4. Priority Support: Receive faster assistance from the platform’s support team.
  5. Assisted Service: Benefit from white-glove onboarding, custom email and social media outreach campaigns, and investor introductions.

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