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Rosebud AI

Create game worlds with AI-generated assets & platform.
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What is Rosebud AI?

Rosebud AI offers two distinct products: one focused on game development and another centered around personal growth. The first product, PixelVibe, uses AI to generate consistent game assets such as characters, environments, tiles, props, clothes, and GUI elements. Users can download free game asset packs containing isometric tiles, pixel characters, backgrounds, and items. Additionally, users can guide their custom AI partner by indicating preferences and refine and remix in a personalized experience. It helps users gain deeper insights, stay motivated, and improve their overall wellbeing by providing feedback, suggestions, and insights based on their entries.



⚡Top 5 Rosebud AI Features:

  1. AI NPCs: Create non-player characters (NPCs) using AI technology.
  2. Visual Novel Maker: Develop visual novel games with AI assistance.
  3. RPG Maker: Design role-playing games (RPGs) using AI tools.
  4. Interactive Story Maker: Generate interactive stories with AI input.
  5. Generative AI 101: Learn about generative AI principles and applications.



⚡Top 5 Rosebud AI Use Cases:

  1. Game Development: Utilize AI to create engaging and immersive games.
  2. Artistic Expression: Animate old photos and bring portraits to life with AI magic.
  3. Education and Learning: Explore AI-driven tools for game asset creation and collaboration.
  4. Therapy and Self-Improvement: Engage in personal growth through AI-assisted journaling.
  5. Community Building: Participate in the Rosebud AI Discord community and collaborate on projects.

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