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Personalize cold emails/LinkedIn messages & automate outreach for sales.
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What is Smartwriter?

SmartWriter is an automated personalization platform that creates engaging, personalized cold emails. It aims to streamline the process of cold emailing by providing access to hundreds of hyper-personalized email templates, saving users an average of over 1 hour per day on research, drafting, and editing emails. The platform focuses on improving customer relationships, achieving product market fit faster, and generating product feedback through effective communication strategies. It also offers various plans catering to different needs, including marketers, scale-up businesses, agencies, and large marketing teams.



⚡Top 5 SmartWriter Features:

  1. AI-powered Content Generation: SmartWriter utilizes artificial intelligence to create personalized and engaging content for various purposes such as eCommerce product descriptions, blog posts, social media updates, and cold emails.
  2. Personalized Icebreakers: The platform generates custom icebreakers for cold emails, helping users to initiate conversations effectively and increase conversion rates.
  3. LinkedIn Personalization: SmartWriter provides tailored LinkedIn outreach strategies, enabling users to target specific audiences and build meaningful connections.
  4. Google Reviews Analysis: The tool analyzes user reviews on Google to generate insights and suggestions for improving products or services based on customer feedback.
  5. Backlink Outreach: SmartWriter assists in identifying potential backlinks and generating outreach messages to boost search engine optimization (SEO).



⚡Top 5 SmartWriter Use Cases:

  1. E-commerce Businesses: SmartWriter can be used to create persuasive product descriptions and landing pages, driving conversions and increasing sales for e-commerce websites.
  2. Marketing Agencies: Marketing professionals can leverage the platform to generate personalized content for their clients across various platforms, enhancing brand awareness and engagement.
  3. Recruitment Firms: Recruiters can utilize SmartWriter to craft compelling job postings and candidate communication, streamlining the hiring process and attracting top talent.
  4. Content Creators: Content creators can benefit from the platform’s AI-generated content capabilities, producing high-quality articles, blog posts, and social media updates efficiently.
  5. Startups: New businesses can use SmartWriter to develop effective messaging and outreach strategies, accelerating growth and establishing a strong online presence.

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