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Effortless video creation with voice recordings & AI-recommended footage.
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What is Visla?

Visla is an innovative platform that simplifies video creation and editing for businesses, enabling users to generate professional-quality videos with no prior expertise required. It offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered features, including automatic video editing, voiceovers, and scene recommendations, making it versatile for various enterprise teams in marketing, corporate learning, and HR. With its ability to create, record, and edit videos using AI and manual adjustments, Visla streamlines the video production process, saving time and enhancing business content quality.



⚡ Top 5 Visla Features:

  1. AI Video Generator: This feature enables users to automatically generate videos from text, scripts, blogs, or audio inputs, transforming written content into engaging video formats with minimal effort.

  2. Automatic Video Editing: The platform streamlines the video editing process with AI-powered editing tools, offering auto-cuts, filler word removal, and automatic subtitle generation, making video production faster and more efficient.

  3. Rich Stock Library: Users can access a vast library of free, premium, and private stock footage, allowing them to enhance their videos with high-quality visuals that align with their content needs.

  4. Advanced Recording Capabilities: The platform supports various recording options, including screen recording, multi-camera setups, and using phones as webcams, providing flexibility in capturing footage for different video projects.

  5. Collaboration Tools: Facilitating teamwork, the platform offers features for video sharing, review and comments, and embedding videos into other applications, enabling seamless collaboration among team members or clients.



⚡ Top 5 Visla Use Cases:

  1. Marketing and Communications: Businesses can create engaging brand videos, sizzle reels, event recaps, advertisements, and calls to action to enhance their marketing and communication efforts, ensuring captivating content that resonates with their target audience.

  2. Corporate Training and Learning: These platforms facilitate the development of comprehensive training programs, interactive e-learning courses, FAQs, and compliance courses, making it easier for companies to educate their employees and stakeholders effectively.

  3. Sales and Revenue Operations: Sales teams can leverage the technology to produce company and product introductions, customized demos, and sales training materials, aiding in improving sales strategies and customer engagement.

  4. Product Development: For teams focused on product development, these tools can create internal product overviews, feature training, and documentation videos, enhancing internal knowledge sharing and product promotion.

  5. HR and People Operations: Human Resources teams can benefit from creating content such as benefits reviews, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) assets, policy overviews, and internal event announcements, supporting organizational culture and employee engagement.



⚡ Visla Pricing Plans And Cost:

Visla offers a freemium model with limited access, which is reset monthly. One premium plan is available, which is either $19/mo when billed annually or $24/mo billed monthly. For the full list of features, refer to their website

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