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WriteGPT Features

WriteGPT is an OpenAI’s GPT prompt assistant which is designed to facilitate effective prompt writing. It enhances browsing efficiency and optimises content creation and consumption. With its multi-functional web extension, it harnesses the power of GPT on any website, enabling users to rewrite content, summarise articles, research flawlessly, review code, and even translate on the spot with the help of its assisted prompt writing.

The top 5 features of writeGPT include:
– Multi-layers of customization
– Lots of suggestions
– Streamlined browsing experience
– Accessible mobile version
– Compliant with privacy laws and regulations

The top 5 use cases of writeGPT are:
– Rewriting repositioning of content
– Automated replies to emails
– Summarizing articles
– Researching faster
– Fixing and Reviewing code.


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