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What is Aigur.dev?

Aigur.dev is a platform that provides a NoCode editor for building, collaborating, deploying, and managing Generative AI flows. Users can prototype quickly with predefined templates or start from scratch, integrating the flow into any web or mobile application via a simple API call. Monitoring tools allow users to gain visibility into the different executions of their flows, including cost, performance, and availability. Management features include ensuring the health of the flow by banning abusers, throttling access, and limiting certain geographical regions. Fine-tuning options allow users to change and tweak their flow without affecting production, deploying the new version without the need for a developer or any downtime. Rollbacks are also possible at any point.



⚡Top 5 Aigur.dev Features:

  1. NoCode Editor: Create Generative AI flows using a NoCode editor with predefined templates or start from scratch.
  2. Collaboration Tools: Collaborate with your team members in real-time using Figma-like collaboration tools.
  3. Feedback Collection: Share an automatically generated mini-app that executes your flow with your colleagues or external customers to gather feedback.
  4. API Integration: Integrate the flow into any web or mobile application using a simple API call.
  5. Monitoring Tools: Monitor the performance, cost, and availability of your flows with advanced monitoring tools.



⚡Top 5 Aigur.dev Use Cases:

  1. Text Modification: Generate text modifications using the platform’s AI capabilities.
  2. Image Manipulation: Perform image manipulations using the platform’s AI pipelines.
  3. Voice to Text Conversion: Convert speech to text using the platform’s AI algorithms.
  4. Summarization: Summarize large amounts of text using the platform’s AI-based summarization tools.
  5. Reading Aloud: Read out loud the generated text using the platform’s AI-driven text-to-speech functionality.

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