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Streamline design-to-code with quick React code conversions.
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Bilfrost Features

Bifrost is an AI-powered tool that converts Figma designs to React code, quickly and accurately. It supports Tailwind and Chakra, and enables a smooth design-to-code workflow.

Top 5 features:
– Generates clean code adaptable to any codebase
– Automates the tedious process of writing frontend code
– Type-safe components with contextually-rendered default props from Figma
– Iterate design changes quickly without affecting existing logic
– Allows designers to create and update screens without any messy handoffs

Top 5 use cases:
– Building entire component sets from Figma
– Starting with any screen from any flow and generating it
– Pulling new design changes to already generated components
– Writing code like an actual engineer
– Empowering designers to create and update screens without any hassle


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