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Adjust LLMs to identify risky content with a customizable API.
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What is CaliberAI?

CaliberAI provides risk management solutions for content creators and publishers by using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and flag potentially defamatory or harmful content. Their services include scanning articles for defamation risks before publication, detecting such content in near real-time through browser extensions or CMS integrations, and reviewing archived and published content for potential legacy issues. They offer customizable APIs based on an organization’s risk tolerance, along with various tools and integrations to streamline the process. CaliberAI aims to help reduce the risk of defamation lawsuits and minimize associated costs while assisting editors and augmenting their oversight capabilities.



⚡Top 5 CaliberAI Features:

  1. Real-Time Content Scanning: Detect potentially defamatory or harmful content in near real-time using their browser extension or CMS integration.
  2. Pre-Publication Screening: Scan entire articles for potential risks before publication.
  3. Legacy Content Review: Assess the risk of existing content that has already been published.
  4. Custom Threshold Settings: Adjust the AI’s sensitivity based on your organization’s specific risk tolerance.
  5. Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate with various platforms such as social media, browsers, and CMS systems.



⚡Top 5 CaliberAI Use Cases:

  1. Social Media Protection: Shield your social media accounts and comment sections from defamatory or harmful user-generated content.
  2. Newsroom Support: Enhance editorial workflows by identifying and flagging risky content for review.
  3. Legal Compliance: Ensure adherence to defamation laws by proactively monitoring content for potential issues.
  4. Brand Reputation Management: Protect your company’s image by preventing damaging content from being shared or published.
  5. Risk Reduction Strategy: Minimize the financial and reputational consequences of defamation claims by implementing CaliberAI’s solutions.

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