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What is ChatDOC?

ChatDoc is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline document interaction and information extraction. It facilitates instant answers from documents with cited sources, allows users to select text or tables for AI analysis, and enables queries across multiple documents to enhance research efficiency. The platform also offers a unique thread feature to uncover deeper knowledge, making it a tool aimed at boosting productivity and simplifying large-scale document handling



⚡ Top 5 ChatDoc Features:

  1. Instant Answers with Cited Sources: This feature allows users to get immediate responses from their documents, with each answer backed up by cited sources. This can greatly improve the efficiency of information extraction
  2. Text and Table Analysis: Users can select specific texts or tables and receive an AI-based content analysis. This could be particularly useful for understanding complex data or information
  3. Thread Starting for Deeper Knowledge: Users can start a thread to delve deeper into a topic or piece of information, which can uncover more comprehensive knowledge
  4. Query Across Multiple Documents: This feature allows users to make queries across multiple documents at once, turbocharging the research process and saving time
  5. AI Steering: Users have the flexibility to go broad or be specific in their queries, effectively steering the AI to provide the most relevant information



⚡ Top 5 ChatDoc Use Cases:

  1. Efficient Information Extraction: ChatDoc allows users to interact with documents and get instant answers directly, making it an essential tool for professionals who need to extract information from various documents quickly
  2. AI-Powered Reading: With its AI capabilities, ChatDoc can distill large-scale documents into digestible information, providing a unique reading experience that can be advantageous for anyone dealing with extensive documentation
  3. Multi-Document Research: Users can query multiple documents simultaneously, effectively turbocharging their research process. This feature could be beneficial for academics, professionals, and students alike
  4. Knowledge Discovery: By starting a thread, users can uncover more profound knowledge on a particular topic in a document. This can be particularly useful for researchers, students, or anyone needing to dive deep into a subject
  5. Text and Table Analysis: Researchers and data analysts can utilize ChatDoc to select specific texts or tables within a document for AI-powered analysis, helping them better  understand complex data sets or pieces of information

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