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What is Detangle AI?

Detangle AI is a website that provides tools to help users understand legal documents. It simplifies and explains legal jargon, summarizes documents, and highlights potentially problematic sections. Detangle AI also includes a favor scale to indicate which party has the upper hand and a feature to bring money matters to the top. The service is designed to augment the user’s understanding of legal documents without replacing an attorney, saving time and money. Detangle AI uses AES encryption for document security and does not sell user data to third parties.



⚡Top 5 Detangle AI Features:

  1. Make sense of legal documents: The website provides tools to understand legal documents, augmenting your understanding without replacing your attorney.
  2. Security is our top priority: All documents are fully encrypted using AES specifications, and your data is never sold to third parties.
  3. Your legal assistant: Legal jargon simplification and explanation, saving thousands in legal fees and giving you confidence in legal matters.
  4. Summary: Get a 1-2 paragraph summary immediately informing you about the document’s content.
  5. Questions for your attorney: Detangle AI helps you have more efficient conversations with your attorney, saving valuable time and money.



⚡Top 5 Detangle AI Use Cases:

  1. Understanding complex legal documents: Detangle AI simplifies legal jargon, making it easier to understand the content of legal documents.
  2. Efficient legal conversations: Have more efficient conversations with your attorney, saving time and money.
  3. Identifying potentially problematic issues: Get alerted regarding issues in legal documents, helping you avoid potential pitfalls.
  4. Focusing on money matters: The platform prioritizes money matters in legal documents, making it easier to understand the financial aspects of the document.
  5. Simplifying legal language: Avoid mind-numbing legalese, making it easier to understand the meaning of each paragraph in a legal document.

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