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Maigon IO

Automated contract review with deep learning.
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Maigon IO Features

MAIGON – State-of-the-art AI for contract review:
Maigon uses AI-driven technologies to automate contract reviews, saving thousands of hours of manual labor. Its solutions include contract type specific AI review modules, OpenAI GPT-4 and GDPR Data Processing Agreement review modules.

Top 5 Features:
– Deep learning technology for maximum accuracy and efficiency
– Quick start – solutions available out of the box
– Custom playbook for your organization
– On-premise availability for secure environments
– Supports more than 50 languages

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Reviewing data processing agreements for GDPR compliance
– Reviewing privacy policies for GDPR compliance
– Reviewing non disclosure agreements for industry standards
– Reviewing consultancy agreements for professional services
– Reviewing product supply agreements for compliance


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