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Enlarge photos to 16000×16000 without losing quality.
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What is Img Upscaler?

ImgUpscaler is a website that offers an AI-based image upscaling service. Users can drag and drop or upload JPG or PNG images with a maximum size of 5MB or 1000px. Non-registered users can upscale images up to a maximum dimension of 4000×4000 for free. The platform utilizes deep learning and super-resolution technology to produce images up to 16000x16000px. For larger projects, users can pay starting from $3.9. The site allows users to compare before-and-after images and adjust the upscaling level. ImgUpscaler focuses on providing a fast and efficient bulk image upscaling experience, making it suitable for those who need to process multiple images simultaneously.



⚡Top 5 ImgUpScaler Features:

  1. Batch Processing: Upscale multiple images simultaneously.
  2. Drag & Drop Interface: Easy to use interface allows users to drag and drop images onto the platform.
  3. Maximum Dimension Limit: Non-registered users can upscale images up to a maximum dimension of 4000×4000 for free.
  4. Deep Learning Technology: Utilizes deep learning and super-resolution technology for image upscaling.
  5. Optimized Algorithm: Optimized for anime and cartoon pictures, providing superior results compared to other tools.



⚡Top 5 ImgUpScaler Use Cases:

  1. Bulk Image Upscaling: Ideal for businesses or individuals needing to process a large number of images.
  2. Anime & Cartoon Photos: Perfect for enhancing anime and cartoon pictures, resulting in higher resolution and sharper details.
  3. Real Estate Business: Can assist real estate agents in providing high-quality images for property listings.
  4. Social Media Content: Enhances photos taken on smartphones, making them visually appealing and shareable on social media platforms.
  5. Printing Images: Suitable for printing images without losing quality, ensuring crisp and clear visuals.

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