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Create custom visuals in various domains with a customizable engine.
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What is Krea?

Krea AI is a free real-time AI image generator and video generator that uses prompts to create lifelike images and videos. It offers features such as text-to-image generation, customize editor, upscale image, enhance image, logo illusion, AI patterns, and text-to-video. The platform allows users to upload images, train the AI according to their specific style or concept, and generate visuals within a canvas. Krea AI is designed to be a complete generative visualization tool for designers, offering a real-time canvas editor and the ability to change the position of objects in the image. It also includes an upscale and enhance feature that makes images stand out from competitors. The platform is free to use, but it is not recommended for commercial use due to unclear terms and conditions.



⚡Top 5 Krea AI Features:

  1. Real-time Editor: An intuitive interface to create images with AI in real-time.
  2. AI Training: Train an AI engine in your own style with just a few sample images.
  3. Studio: An infinite canvas with dozens of AI tools in one place.
  4. Upscale & Enhance: Take your images to 4k resolution in one click and enhance them with AI.
  5. AI Training: Real-time AI training that learns about your aesthetic preferences while using Krea AI.



⚡Top 5 Krea AI Use Cases:

  1. Concept Art: Effective for creating concept art with a personalized AI tailored to your unique style.
  2. Architectural Visuals: Useful for generating architectural visuals that align with your artistic vision.
  3. Product Photography: Enhance product photography with AI-generated images that match your style.
  4. Text-to-Image Generation: Create images from text prompts in real-time, showcasing the versatility of Krea AI.
  5. Image-to-Image Generation: Transform existing images into any other style or enhance them using AI.

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