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What is Lemonaid Music?

Lemonaide AI is a generative AI platform designed for musicians to create and discover new melodies. It offers a range of pricing plans, including Lemonaide Lite and Lemonaide Pro, with different features such as monthly credits, unlimited generations, and evolving algorithms. The platform is artist-focused and aims to help musicians find new ways to write, produce, and create while keeping the artist front and center. It is 100% royalty-free, and users can save and export their creations. The platform is designed to challenge users and inspire new concepts, with the belief that AI-generated outputs should be free-flowing and not restricted programmatically. Lemonaide AI is committed to ethical AI and works with producers to train its algorithm with their consent. The platform is accessible to a wide range of music producers, regardless of their financial background, and offers monthly updates and benefits without any increase in fees.



⚡Top 5 Lemonaide Features:

1. Generative AI: Lemonaide uses generative AI to help musicians find new ways to write, produce, and create music. It’s designed to push artists out of their comfort zone and plant seeds for their next big hit.

2. Ethical AI: Lemonaide believes in ethical AI and works with producers to train their algorithm with consent.

3. Artist-focused: Lemonaide is an artist-focused music technology company that aims to help producers, not replace them.

4. Key Selection: Users can select any key they want, major or minor, for their music.

5. Export Stems: Lemonaide allows users to export their music’s stems (melody, chords, drums) separately.



⚡Top 5 Lemonaide Use Cases:

1. Writing New Music: Lemonaide’s AI can help musicians write new music by generating melodic ideas and chord progressions.

2. Producing Music: Producers can use Lemonaide to produce music by having the AI generate ideas for them, which they can then refine and finalize.

3. Creating Music in Different Keys: Musicians can use Lemonaide to create music in any key they want, which can be useful for writing songs in different genres or for different artists.

4. Exporting Stems: Lemonaide’s ability to export stems allows users to work with their music in a more flexible way, making it easier to collaborate with other musicians or to use different software for different parts of the production process.

5. Experimenting with New Ideas: Lemonaide’s AI can help musicians experiment with new ideas and sounds, which can lead to creative breakthroughs and new musical directions.


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