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Control with real-time voice, gesture & multi-lingual support.
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What is Neon AI?

Neon AI is an open source conversational AI platform that provides a full-featured voice assistant technology for personal and industrial applications. It is backed by a full-service software development and support company, offering a range of services including consultation, design, custom creation, and support of software resources such as interactive, voiced, multi-lingual AI chatbots, online websites, and various AI applications for healthcare, homecare, assembly instructions, and education. Neon AI’s technology is designed to be secure and private, ensuring the privacy of users’ personal data. The platform is compatible with standard IDEs and development tools, and it is supported by a large community of developers who are committed to advancing voice applications and conversational AI. Neon AI’s open source nature allows for customizability, updatability, scalability, reproducibility, integrability, and a support community, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking a secure and private voice assistant solution.



⚡Top 5 Neon AI Features:

Feature 1: Open Source Software for Personal Assistants and Industrial Applications
Feature 2: Revolutionary Natural Language AI Technology
Feature 3: Collaborative Conversations
Feature 4: Custom Voice User Interfaces
Feature 5: Privacy-Respecting Software



⚡Top 5 Neon AI Use Cases:

Use Case 1: Personal Assistant for Households
Use Case 2: Personal Assistant for Businesses
Use Case 3: Industrial Application of AI Voice Interactions
Use Case 4: Custom Skills Development
Use Case 5: Secure and Private Data Management


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