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Build web apps & sites with drag & drop & Airtable integration.
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Softr Studio Features

Softr is a no-code platform that allows users to build software, including client portals, internal tools, and community hubs, with ease and speed. It offers pre-built templates for various applications such as CRM, inventory management, and more, along with functional blocks like lists, charts, and forms. Softr.io enables integration with popular tools like Zapier and Google Analytics, supports granular permission settings and allows publishing on any device.

Top 5 features:
No-Code Development: Softr is a no-code platform that allows users to build a variety of software applications using building blocks, similar to playing with Lego
Data Integration: The platform enables connection to any data sources, whether it lives in Airtable, Google Sheets, or elsewhere with REST APIs (coming soon)
Granular Permissions: It offers granular permissions allowing control over who can view and edit information from your app, ensuring secure data management
Device Compatibility: Build and publish on any device with just one click, making it highly accessible and user-friendly
Pre-built Templates: Access hundreds of pre-built templates for various applications like team intranet, client portal, CRM, inventory management, etc., offering a head start in the development process

Top 5 Use Cases:
Client Portals: Create custom-branded, secure client portals allowing clients to self-serve, enhancing customer experience and efficiency
Internal tools: Non-developers can use Softr.io to build internal tools that power their business processes and workflows, thereby increasing productivity
Community Hubs: The platform can be used to create a hub where a community can share resources, special perks, job board, and a directory of members
CRM Solution: Softr can be used to achieve quick market speed with a custom Sales CRM solution, aiding in efficient sales management
Student Portals: Educational institutions like the UN International School have used Softr to create student portals, enhancing communication and resource sharing among students


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