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What is OpinioAI?

OpinioAI is an AI-powered market research platform that helps businesses and researchers gather insights, data, and opinions in a simple and scalable manner without relying on traditional polls, surveys, or interviews. It utilizes AI language models to create synthetic personas and market segments, allowing users to understand customer preferences, affinities, and opinions. OpinioAI offers features such as persona building, asking away for insights, analyzing documents, evaluating messaging, and more. It also aims to fine-tune models based on existing data and implement interviews, focus groups, and survey assistance in the future. Users praise its efficiency, effectiveness, and budget-friendliness, making it suitable for individuals seeking customer behavior insights, testing ideas, creating messaging, and more.



⚡Top 5 OpinioAI Features:

  1. AI-Powered Market & Product Research: OpinioAI utilizes AI language models to assist in obtaining relevant insights, data, and opinions in a simple and scalable manner, without relying on traditional polls, surveys, or other legacy methods.
  2. Persona Builder: Use AI to create detailed buyer personas, defining their interests, dreams, frustrations, and basic demographic traits. Then, focus your research and discoveries on relevant topics.
  3. Ask Away: Interact with your predefined personas, asking them any question you desire and receiving instant and focused responses to aid in your research.
  4. Analyze: Process datasets, reports, research publications, or academic papers through AI, allowing you to ask questions about the files, data, or reports you analyze.
  5. Evaluate Messaging: Assess positioning statements, value propositions, USPs, challenges, and more from the perspective of your core personas, gaining honest opinions and feedback for improvement.



⚡Top 5 OpinioAI Use Cases:

  1. Customer Behavior Insights: Understand your customers’ motivations and behaviors, helping you make informed decisions and tailor your products or services accordingly.
  2. Strategic Expansion: Gain insights into diverse global markets, enabling you to expand your reach and adapt your offerings to meet the needs of new audiences.
  3. Budget-Friendly Research: Access affordable and efficient research solutions, even with limited resources, ensuring you can gather valuable data to drive your business forward.
  4. Academic Projects: Streamline your research process, focusing on your academic projects instead of worrying about recruiting respondents or collecting data.
  5. Custom Model Building: Build your own AI model using existing data, recycling previous research and gaining insights you may have overlooked initially.

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