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Quickly generate a tailored business plan with roadmaps and tasks.
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What is Bizway?

Bizway is a platform designed to help businesses automate various tasks using AI assistants. The service allows users to create step-by-step roadmaps from natural language prompts, such as creating an SEO content plan or researching target markets. Users can also build teams of AI assistants that learn about their business and provide tailored guidance. Bizway offers different plans ranging from free to premium, which include varying levels of access to features like AI-generated project outlines, roadmaps, business model tools, KPI tracking, and unlimited assistants and automations. The platform aims to help businesses save time and effort by offloading administrative and research tasks to AI assistants.



⚡Top 5 Bizway Features:

Create step-by-step roadmaps from natural language prompts: Bizway allows you to generate plans with tasks tailored to your business needs, such as creating an SEO content plan or researching target markets.

Customizable GPT Assistants: Build a team of AI assistants that understand your business and remember what you’re working on, helping you automate lists of tasks without requiring any coding skills.

Business Model tooling: Use tools within Bizway to help formulate your business model and strategy, including testing out different business types and asking questions about market research and pricing.

Project Runs Analytics: Monitor the status of project runs and see how much work has been outsourced to AI this week, providing insights into the efficiency of your AI assistant team.

Unlimited AI-Generated Projects: Scale your business output by having access to unlimited AI-generated projects, allowing you to manage multiple business ideas separately within Bizway.



⚡Top 5 Bizway Use Cases:

Automating Business Planning: Offload admin & research tasks to an AI that never sleeps, enabling you to create a one-page pitch for your business idea and get feedback from friends, advisors, or anyone willing to listen.

Market Research: Ask questions about market research topics like when to register your business or which competitors are your top 10, and receive guidance tailored to your specific business.

Content Generation: Generate invoices, write content, and research your target market using custom GPT assistants within Bizway, making it easier to handle various aspects of your business.

Team Management: Build a team of AI assistants trained to know key details about your business, ensuring they can provide guidance tailored to your specific business and projects.

Scalability: Upgrade your plan midway through the month to accommodate increased usage, with prorated billing for the remaining time on your current plan and upgraded billing from the beginning of the next monthly period.


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