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What is Othersideai?

OthersideAI is a website that provides AI-powered writing and communication tools. The platform offers various features such as AutoWrite, which generates paragraphs on any topic, TypeAhead for personalized sentence completions, Email Response for drafting emails, and HyperChat for conversational assistance. Additionally, it allows users to create custom AI tools tailored to their workflows. The tools are designed to assist with writing, communication, and research, providing real-time access to knowledge and automating tasks. The platform is praised for its ability to improve productivity and adapt to individual writing styles.



⚡Top 5 HyperWrite Features:

AutoWrite: Ask HyperWrite to write a paragraph about anything
TypeAhead: Get personalized and context-aware sentence completions and suggestions
Email Response: Show it in Gmail.. a few words -> full response
HyperChat: Talk to Hyper and ask for/get help
Custom Tools: Create custom AI tools tailored to your workflows



⚡Top 5 HyperWrite Use Cases:

Writing: No more writer’s block. Harness the power of AI to generate ideas, polish your prose, and streamline your writing process
Communication: Communicate with confidence. AI tools adapt to your needs, from casual conversations to professional correspondence
Research: Instant access to knowledge. Your AI assistant delivers real-time links and citations to the most relevant information on any topic
Powerful writing in seconds: Hundreds of AI tools give you the power to create, edit, and polish text in seconds. Improve your own content or create original high-quality writing to fit your unique style and goals
Academic research and writing: HyperWrite leverages real-time research to search through millions of scholarly articles and papers, powering your AI assistant with accurate, current, and citation-backed responses


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