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Recap: Browser extension for quick webpage summaries.
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What is Recapext?

Recapxt is an open-source browser extension that allows users to easily summarize any portion of a webpage using ChatGPT. This tool is designed to enhance productivity by splitting content into passages, enabling users to summarize specific sections of articles instead of the entire text. Recap is available as a Chrome extension and is built using technologies such as Next.js.



⚡Top 5 Recap Features:

  1. Smart Split and Summarize with ChatGPT: An open-source browser extension allows users to easily summarize any portion of any webpage using the ChatGPT model, enhancing productivity and saving time.
  2. Easy Webpage Summarization: The tool enables users to split articles into passages, making it simple to summarize any part of the content.
  3. Open-Source Extension: Recap is an open-source browser extension, allowing developers to contribute to its development and customize it according to their needs.
  4. ChatGPT Integration: The integration of ChatGPT ensures accurate and efficient summarization of webpage content.
  5. Advanced Analytics: As mentioned in, Recap is also a secure data management platform with advanced analytics to help users track their progress.



⚡Top 5 Recap Use Cases:

  1. Content Digestion: Users can quickly digest lengthy articles or reports by summarizing key points, making it easier to understand complex topics.
  2. Productivity Boost: By automating the process of summarizing webpages, Recap saves time and increases efficiency, enabling users to focus on more important tasks.
  3. Research Assistance: Students and researchers can use Recap to extract essential information from large volumes of data, streamlining their research process.
  4. Accessibility Enhancement: For individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties, Recap provides a convenient way to access and comprehend online content.
  5. Customizable Summaries: Developers can modify the code to create personalized summaries based on specific keywords or criteria, catering to individual preferences and needs.

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