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Rezi Features

Rezi is an AI-based resume builder equipped with features like AI keyword targeting, real-time content analysis, and design control to help users create resumes that pass applicant tracking systems. It also offers a variety of templates, flexible formatting tools, and even an AI content writer that crafts metrics-driven resume content. With additional features like document version management, LinkedIn profile importing, and expert resume reviews, Rezi aims to supercharge job searches for its users.

Top 5 features:
AI Keyword Targeting: Rezi uses artificial intelligence to target and tailor your resume with relevant keywords, increasing chances of being noticed by Applicant Tracking Systems
Design Control: It provides extensive design control allowing users to choose colors, formatting, font sizing, pictures, and more for their resumes
AI Content Writer: The platform features an AI content writer that generates metrics-driven resume content, focusing on the skills and history that job recruiters look for
Real-Time Content Analysis: Real-time content analysis to help users optimize their resumes as they create them
Document Version Management: It offers a document version management feature, helping users keep track of different versions of their resumes

Top 5 Use Cases:
Job Application: Create a resume optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), increasing the chances of getting noticed by recruiters
Resume Redesign: For those looking to refresh their existing resumes, Rezi offers design controls to easily customize the look and feel of the document
Entry-Level Job Seekers: With 313 professional resume examples, Rezi can help recent graduates or those with little work experience to create compelling resumes
Career Transition: For professionals shifting careers, the AI Content Writer can craft a new resume focusing on transferable skills and relevant experiences
LinkedIn Profile Importing: Users can import their data directly from LinkedIn into Rezi, saving time and ensuring consistency across platforms


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