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What is WriteSmart?

writesmart.so offers an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to help users supercharge their LinkedIn engagement. With its advanced features, the platform enables effortless lead warming, meaningful engagement, and fostering genuine connections through AI-generated comments. Users can choose between different response styles and language options, ensuring that comments are tailored to the specific post and the user’s profile. Additionally, the platform allows users to draft their own comments and use AI to refine the language, giving them control over the final output. The pricing plans cater to various needs, offering flexibility based on the number of LinkedIn accounts and monthly responses. Overall, writesmart.so aims to streamline the process of creating intelligent and personalized comments, making it easier for sales professionals and influencers to boost their engagement on LinkedIn.



⚡Top 5 WriteSmart Features:

  1. Personalized Comments: Generate highly personalized comments with AI that considers post content, intent, and your profile to generate relevant comments.
  2. Language Support: Generate comments in 26 languages including French, Danish, Hindi, Japanese, etc.
  3. Customizable Response Styles: Choose from 5 response styles to suit your writing style.
  4. OpenAI Key Required: Integrates with OpenAI for enhanced language processing.
  5. Unlimited Responses: With the BYOK plan, enjoy unlimited responses for a single LinkedIn account.



⚡Top 5 WriteSmart Use Cases:

  1. Lead Generation: Warm up leads by engaging with posts and starting conversations.
  2. Network Building: Foster genuine connections by commenting on posts in a meaningful way.
  3. Content Sharing: Share your own content and boost engagement by adding AI-generated comments.
  4. Brand Awareness: Increase visibility by leaving thoughtful comments on industry-related posts.
  5. Time Management: Save time by drafting your own comments and letting AI refine the language.

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