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Create & edit videos faster with automated captions & subtitles.
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Zeemo Features

Fast AI Captioning Zeemo is an automated video and captioning service that makes creating and editing videos easier and faster than ever. It features:

Top 5 Features:
1. Automatic captions in 17 languages with an accuracy rate of over 98%.
2. Dynamic captions to make videos stand out.
3. Subtitle translation to appeal to a wider global audience.
4. Batch editing function to save time.
5. Numerous templates fonts and colors for customizable subtitles.

Top 5 Use Cases:
1. Subtitle videos for better accessibility.
2. Edit existing videos for improved quality.
3. Translate videos for a larger target audience.
4. Cut videos to emphasize certain parts.
5. Add music to videos to create unique creations.


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