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Artbreeder Features

Artbreeder is a collaborative tool for creating images with AI. It offers users access to multiple tools like Mixer, Collager, Splicer and Outpainter. With Artbreeder, users can easily create characters, artworks, portraits, landscapes and more.

Top 5 Features:
– Mixer: Create images by mixing images and text together
– Collager: Create an image out of simple shapes image and text
– Splicer: Mix images and edit their genes
– Outpainter: Expand any Artbreeder image
– 10M users and 250M images

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Create characters for stories or art projects
– Create personalized artworks for prints or online galleries
– Generate and edit complex images for use in game development
– Make quick edits to images or mix them together to create unique visuals
– Utilize AI-powered tools to automate tedious image editing tasks


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