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AI assistant for complex programming tasks.
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What is Code Assist?

Code Assist is an AI-powered tool designed to assist developers by generating code and executing actions within the open file in their editor. It provides a natural language interface, allowing developers to interact with it like they would with a human, and it can implement entire features under a developer’s supervision. The tool is compatible with all popular programming languages and works with Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDEs.



⚡ Top 5 Code Assist Features:

  1. Natural Language Interface: A natural language interface allows you to communicate with it as if you were talking to a human, making it easy and intuitive to use
  2. Code Implementation and Editing: It can make changes to the open file in your editor, and even implement entire features under your supervision. This makes it a powerful tool for developers
  3. Powered by GPT-4: Code Assist is powered by GPT-4, an advanced language prediction model, which enables it to understand and generate code effectively
  4. Long-Term Memory: Code Assist has a long-term memory feature, meaning it can remember previous interactions during a session to provide better assistance
  5. Multi-Language Support: Being compatible with all popular programming languages, makes it a versatile tool for developers working in different programming environments



⚡ Top 5 Code Assist Use Cases:

  1. Automated Coding: Users can leverage AI to generate code automatically, helping them save time and effort in their development process.
  2. Code Editing: The tool can modify the open file in a user’s editor, making it a useful tool for quick modifications and edits.
  3. Implementation of Features: Under a developer’s supervision, the AI can implement an entire feature in a typical application. This could be extremely beneficial for complex projects.
  4. Codebase Searching: As part of its job, it can perform actions like opening files or searching the codebase, making it easier for developers to navigate large projects.
  5. Learning Tool: For new programmers or those learning a new language, Code Assist can serve as a valuable learning tool, providing examples of how certain features or functions can be implemented.

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