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Transcribe, summarize, search & analyze conversations with AI.
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Fireflies AI Features

Fireflies AI is an advanced AI platform designed to transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations. The platform integrates with a wide range of video conferencing apps, dialers, and audio files, enhancing the efficiency of meetings by providing automated meeting summaries and conversation intelligence. Additionally, Fireflies AI offers collaboration tools and the ability to automate workflows from meetings, making it a valuable tool for teams looking to streamline their communication processes.

Top 5 Features:
Automated Meeting Transcriptions: Automatically record and transcribe meetings across several video-conferencing apps, dialers, and audio files. It generates transcripts in minutes, capturing both video and audio.
AI-Powered Search: The platform offers an AI-powered search feature that allows users to review a 1-hour meeting in just 5 minutes. It highlights action items, tasks, questions, and other key metrics, and allows users to filter and listen to key topics discussed in meetings
Collaboration Tools: Facilitate collaboration by allowing users to add comments, pins, and reactions to specific parts of conversations. Users can create soundbites and easily share memorable moments from meetings to various collaboration apps like Slack, Notion, Asana, and more
Conversation Intelligence: The platform provides conversation intelligence, tracking speaker talk time, sentiment, monologues, and other key metrics. This feature can be used to coach teammates, identify objections, competitors, and other topic trackers which can be customized
Workflow Automation: Fireflies AI can automate workflows from meetings, filling out your CRM, logging call notes, activities, and recordings under the appropriate contacts. It allows for the automatic creation of tasks in Asana, Trello, and Monday.com using voice commands during meetings, and instant sharing of meeting recaps to Slack, Notion, Google Docs, and other collaboration apps

Top 5 Use Cases:
Automated Meeting Transcription: Fireflies AI is widely used to automatically record and transcribe meetings. It can transcribe meetings across several video-conferencing apps, dialers, and audio files, making it easier for users to review meeting content
Generative AI Tool: The platform can be utilized as a generative AI tool in various industries such as healthcare and marketing. It’s changing how tasks are done by providing unique solutions
Voice Recognition Tool: Fireflies AI is used as a voice recognition tool during online meetings. It provides automatic transcription of live meetings and uploaded audio files in minutes, acting as a smart AI-backed meeting recorder
Creating User Interview Repository: You can create a user interview repository. It allows users to record online meetings for free and have AI-powered meetings, which can be particularly useful for onboarding and training purposes
Centralized Conversation Search: Users can record, transcribe, and search their calls in one central place with Fireflies.ai. It allows users to search all past conversations and create action items in seconds


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