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What is IngestAI?

IngestAI is a company offering artificial intelligence (AI)-related services, including model selection, data preparation, AI development, and integration tools like the Embeddor and Deepmark AI. They aim to help businesses unlock the power of generative AI by providing a range of services tailored to optimize AI application development. Their offerings include a serverless API for dependable and scalable AI applications, as well as a no-code platform for creating sophisticated AI apps. IngestAI also provides a variety of pricing plans, starting from a free tier, and caters to different levels of usage and requirements.



⚡Top 5 IngestAI Features:

  1. Model Selection: IngestAI offers a sophisticated toolbox for model selection, powered by their proprietary AI algorithms.
  2. Data Preparation: They transform raw structured and unstructured data into high-quality, RAG-ready formats, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.
  3. AI Development: IngestAI excels in fine-tuning AI models to match the unique nuances of your data and industry demands.
  4. Embedditor: Their Embeddor is a graphical user interface for seamless manipulation and processing of vectorized enterprise data.
  5. Serverless API: IngestAI provides a serverless API for dependable and scalable RAG applications, enabling seamless access to curated data.



⚡Top 5 IngestAI Use Cases:

  1. AI Model Selection: IngestAI identifies the best-suited model for your needs, ensuring high performance and reliability.
  2. Data Preparation: They transform raw data into high-quality formats to optimize AI model performance.
  3. AI Development: IngestAI customizes AI models to match specific industry demands and business goals.
  4. Embedditor: The Embeddor ensures optimal RAG performance by processing vectorized enterprise data.
  5. Serverless API: IngestAI’s Serverless API retrieves relevant documents with state-of-the-art embedding models and augmenting them with efficient Generative AI models.

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