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SmartScout Features

SmartScout is a comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers that provides insights into product opportunities, competitor analysis, and niche discovery. It offers extensive filtering options to customize search results based on the user’s specific needs, such as budget or potential revenue. The platform also features advanced capabilities like a traffic graph for advertising targeting, detailed brand and product data, and an opportunity matrix for strategic planning.

Top 5 Features:
Product Opportunities Discovery: SmartScout allows users to identify unique product opportunities on Amazon that others might not find, aiding in strategic planning
Brand and Competitor Analysis: The platform provides a comprehensive view of all products a brand sells, including those of competitors, giving users a competitive edge
Subcategories Exploration: With over 42,000 subcategories on Amazon, SmartScout helps users discover new niches and estimate their potential value
Customizable Filters: Users can customize their search for brands and products based on specific criteria, such as price range or potential revenue, tailoring results to their needs
Advanced Tools for Sellers: For Amazon sellers, SmartScout offers various plans equipped with tools like a UPC scanner, traffic graph, and an opportunity matrix to enhance their store performance

Top 5 Use Cases:
Product Research: SmartScout can be used to discover unique product opportunities on Amazon, enabling users to find products that others might not easily find
Brand and Competitor Analysis: Users can use the platform to examine every product a particular brand sells, including those of their competitors, all on a single page
Niche Discovery: With access to all 42,000 Amazon subcategories, users can explore new niches and estimate their potential value
Customized Searches: Filters allow users to customize their search for brands and products based on specific criteria, such as price range or estimated monthly sales
Targeted Outreach: SmartScout helps users create a targeted list of people and provides data to make those conversations more impactful, eliminating the need to reach out to everyone on Amazon


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