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Convert images to pixel art with fast downloads and intuitive controls.
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What is Pixelicious?

Pixelicious is an online tool that converts images into pixel art for game development and other creative projects. Users can upload their images and choose the level of pixelation they desire. The website also offers a new feature to remove backgrounds from images before converting them to pixel art. Pixelicious is powered by AI and is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to create retro-style pixel art with ease.



⚡Top 5 Pixelicious Features:

  1. Image to Pixel Art Converter: Convert your images into pixel art for game development with just one click or drag and drop.
  2. Remove Background: Remove the background of your images before converting them to pixel art.
  3. Retro Pixel Art: Create authentic retro pixel art with the AI-powered online tool.
  4. Quick and Easy: With the online image-to-pixel art converter, you can quickly and easily convert your images into pixel art.
  5. Online Tool: Access the pixel art converter from anywhere with an internet connection.



⚡Top 5 Pixelicious Use Cases:

  1. Game Development: Use this tool to create pixel art for game assets, backgrounds, and characters.
  2. Design: Convert images into pixel art for design projects, such as logos, icons, and illustrations.
  3. Hobbyist: Create pixel art as a hobby or for personal projects, such as art or crafts.
  4. Education: Use Pixelicious in the classroom to teach students about pixel art and digital art creation.
  5. Marketing: Create pixel art for marketing materials, such as social media posts, ads, and branding.

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