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Invicta AI

Business chatbot solution for streamlined customer service & analytics.
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What is Invicta AI?

Invicta AI is a platform for businesses to build and manage their AI workforce. Users can sign up, create AI agents, and design courses based on learning outcomes. The AI agents are designed to adapt, learn, and are fully customizable to a business’s needs. They can be onboarded quickly and can handle tasks through simple chat. The agents can be organized into teams for collaboration and can be analyzed for activity. Invicta AI aims to help businesses scale their work without increasing headcount and offers features like chat widget integration, advanced analytics, and automations.



⚡Top 5 Invicta AI Features:

1. Automations: Analyze and generate content based on your spreadsheet data. Invicta AI offers various automation options, including email and ticketing automations, which allow AI agents to respond to support tickets automatically.
2. AI Agents: Build your AI workforce and hire your first AI employees. Invicta AI’s agents can be trained with your processes and knowledge, adapting, learning, and fully customizable to your business.
3. Onboarding: Invicta AI allows you to onboard your AI agents in under 10 minutes, enabling you to ask them to complete tasks, change settings, or brainstorm through simple chat.
4. Collaboration: Organize your agents in teams for them to collaborate together and handle your most complex workflows.
5. Analytics: Analyze agent activity, including engagement rates by both your team and external users, and discover the most common queries and topics discussed with your AI agents.



⚡Top 5 Invicta AI Use Cases:

1. Customer Service: Boost your customer service with Invicta AI’s smart rep that handles inquiries 24/7 and escalates complex issues to humans, all within a sleek interface that works across your customer support stack.
2. Response Times: Improve your response times by integrating Invicta AI agents, which handle inquiries seamlessly, allowing human agents to focus on complex cases and increase customer satisfaction.
3. Workflow Management: Manage workflows more efficiently by automating processes with Invicta AI’s digital workers, freeing up time for strategic initiatives.
4. Integration: Easily integrate Invicta AI’s chat widget on your website for an enhanced customer experience and connect it with your preferred tools like Zendesk and Intercom for a unified customer support ecosystem.
5. Analytics: Dive deep into the specifics of what people are asking and discussing with your AI agents, discover how often they are engaged, and uncover the most common queries and topics discussed.


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